Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

GLS offers comprehensive customs and compliance services globally through its network of Customs Brokers. GLS is a full-service clearing and entry company delivering superior express eCommerce shipping solutions.


We provide an Import Management Program to take care of your customs clearance needs, both standard, and express. We offer reasonable care assistance, post-admission audits, and customized reports

A High Level Of Quality And Service

We complement our 24/7 quality support services with Client Import Policies. Compliance with government regulations is a critical success factor in maintaining access to our global communications services.

Training And Consultation In Compliance

GLS providers services such as auditing and consultation, training, seminars, and logistics outsourcing. We customize each solution to meet the specific needs of our clients to increase exports and streamline operations to increase imports.

Transparency And Integration

With this cutting-edge technology, we extract and access the customs database quickly. We offer our clients access to our operating system, write reports and comply with regulatory requirements.

A Customs Broker 

GLS Customs Brokerage maintains Remote Location Filing (RLF) worldwide. We provide the following services:

  • Real-time tracking and tracing
  • security filings for importers (10 + 2)
  • Consultation on import compliance
  • using paperless systems
  • EDI and email notifications
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Experts in commodities
  • insurance and bond filing
  • Reconciliation of duty drawbacks
  • Valuation and classification assistance

How does GLS Help?

  • GLS is amongst the top clearing and customs agents offering a wide range of services to help clients clear imports and exports of goods.
  •  We are highly experienced in this field and can handle all shipment types, large or small, across the globe.
  •  The core capabilities of GLS in handling documentation, procurement, and various types of processing have made it an industry leader.
  •  GLS offers complete transportation management services locally and globally. GLS seamless logistics solutions for personal and commercial shipments make the ideal choice.