Sea Freight

Sea Freight Services

Ocean freight is one of our key potential areas. We manage shipments from source to destination by applying hassle-free logistics solutions. We ensure high quality services within a competitive price parameter.

How Does Ocean Freight Work?

Ocean freight (or sea freight) ranks first among all modes of transport for importers and exporters, transporting 90% of the world’s goods. However, we understand that ocean freight can be complicated, which is why we created this shipping guide – covering everything from bill of ladings to Incoterms and container shipping to insurance.

What Are The Benefits Of Ocean Freight?

  • Cost-Effective – Shipping containers of goods by ship is one of the most cost-effective transportation methods, which is crucial in supply chain operation to ensure goods are priced competitively for end users.
  • Shipment – large and heavy items may require shipping since airlines have limited transportation options and ports have large storage facilities.
  • Environment-Friendly – Ocean freight is an environmentally friendly way to transport goods, boosting a company’s reputation and brand.

GLS Ocean Freight Services

  • GLS Makes Ocean Freight Shipping Easy.

We provide instant quotes, full price transparency, and real-time shipping tracking. When you use GLS, we offer:

·        Compare, Search, And Book Online!

In just a few seconds, you can compare over 250,000 sea freight shipping quotes to determine the final price.

·        Easy Booking Management

Streamline the paperwork process with online shipping for all of your sea freight shipments.

·        Keeping Track Of Your Sea Freight 24/7

Easily view all your bookings, regardless of carrier, and get notified once your shipment status changes.

At GLS, we measure efficiency in seconds. What’s the point of waiting for weeks or months for an ocean freight quote when you can get one in just a few clicks by using GLS’s ocean freight calculator. Take the shortest or cheapest route, view all your options on one page, sort by price, and choose the best option. By saving your search criteria, you can get quotes in a single click and facilitate future searches.

 GLS Shipping Services

At GLS, we are more than just a sea freight forwarder. We offer a wide range of services globally, including sea, land, rail, and air. With our global logistics experts, we can design for you a sea freight program that offers the following benefits:

  • Management of purchase orders
  • Landed Costing
  • Package solutions
  • Management of permits
  • plus more!

What Are The Others Included In The GLS Express Ocean Shipping Service?

GLS Express Service reduces transit time between North America and the Pacific Rim. Using weekly scheduled sailings from dedicated terminals, LCL delivers reliable ocean service throughout the United States via our unrivaled ground network.

  • Pricing based on kilograms
  • for nationwide service.
  • No origin restrictions
  • Experts in ocean transportation
  • Full visibility of shipments
  • Reduce air freight costs by up to 75%
  • Intermodal service at speeds up to 30% faster than traditional inland point intermodal

Ready For Transportation?

By partnering with GLS for ocean shipping, you gain access to a global network of international freight forwarders your company can rely on to handle everything from cargo booking to pick-up and delivery to customs clearance. GLS can help you start today by providing a quote or contacting our representative.