RailRoad Freight

Railway & Road Freight Services

GLS provides over-the-road trucking services with unparalleled dependability and flexibility. Our equipment and capacity can handle your shipment, regardless of its complexity. You can choose the right vehicle according to the situation and adjust your resources as the situation changes. Our custom solution allows us to handle the entire process from beginning to end.

  • Flexible, asset-free solutions
  • Freight van, refrigerated, flatbed, truck-mounted air compressor
  • Short-haul regional deliveries
  • Drop Trailer Pools
  • Equipment to handle any shipment transport
  • A local network with access to global resources
  • Real-time pricing
  • integrated into all modes of transportation

Transport Patterns and Savings

We can help you optimize the efficiency of your domestic supply chain by handling your loads through our LTL service. GLS Logistics offers consolidation and co-loading LTL services to improve your distribution network and reduce costs.

Using our expertise, creative thinking, and insight in less-than-truckload shipping, we step in to coordinate and add value to every step along the way. We provide the following services:

  • Management of accounts seamlessly
  • Cross-border LTL services
  • On-demand rates
  • Audit of invoices
  • Reporting of all invoices
  • Rating of all invoices
  • Expediting available
  • custom portals for customers


Services Provided by Railroads

With rail technology, you can experience new levels of efficiency, economy, and sustainability that directly impact your operations. We offer highly effective transportation solutions because of our rail connections and expertise in intermodal and rail freight movements. Moreover, we provide supporting services like clearing customs and handling terminals, in addition to final mile delivery.

Railroad Freight’s Advantages

Cargo train transportation has the following advantages.

  • Rail rack freight has the primary environmental advantage of reducing exhaust emissions during transportation. As a result, rail freight shipping is relatively green.
  • Rack freight is a fast, reliable, and short delivery time mode of transportation. Bad weather rarely affects rail freight shipping. Therefore delays are unlikely.
  • GPS tracking can ensure the safety of rail freight against theft and loss.
  • A low-interest rate partially offsets higher train cargo costs, resulting in rail rack freight being one of the most affordable modes of transportation.

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