Warehouse Service

GLS provides innovative customer service through dedicated customer teams, a collaborative agile culture, and a global presence. When the packaging is inefficient, traditional 3PLs can only find ways to make the packaging more efficient. By optimizing packaging, GLS will reduce transportation costs and the carbon footprint.

  • Reduced Prices

We help you free up capital and concentrate on your core business by managing your warehouse.

  • Tracking

Tracking all items, knowing when your products leave and arrive at their destinations, allowing full visibility of your supply chain.

  • Control

Our IoT platform enables you to concentrate on your core business. We let you stay in complete control of your products and packaging.

A Tailored Service For Your Products

Our warehouse services can meet all of your needs. Our services include receiving, storing, packaging, tracking, and shipping. A warehouse management system allows us to fully control the movement of materials within a warehouse and throughout your entire supply chain. We strive to make our operations as smooth as possible. Customers of GLS can grow their businesses by focusing on core products and processes. Among the services we offer are packing, kitting, warehousing, and containerization.

Warehouse Transport Services

We deliver integrated warehouse and transportation services. With our dedicated solutions, we can provide a higher level of service than traditional retail. GLS leverages the asset base to our client’s advantage. With our team’s help, we can build a reliable solution for your organization.

Warehouse Manufacturing Services

Clients can obtain light manufacturing services from GLS. We handle the purchasing and inventorying of raw materials for clients, so they won’t have to worry about it. Our clients also cut their marketing costs by combining manufacturing with the distribution center. Our firm currently supports assembly, extrusion, molding, and size reduction.

Warehouse Technology Services

The focus of our team is to provide complete visibility into the supply chain of our clients. We integrate these technologies with our clients’ ERP systems to support their distribution networks.

  • Systems for managing warehouses
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Logistics Management
  • Tenders for Freight
  • Reporting on the Web
  • Through an E-Commerce System
  • Based on RFID

When implementing a technology solution, we partner closely with our clients. It provides value through a safer work environment, higher efficiency, and a substantial return on investment.

Warehouse Asset Management Services

As warehouse services providers, we can construct, recommend, acquire, control, and manage assets for our clients. Clients can use these services to free up working capital for new investments that increase profits. Business models may change over time, requiring our clients to use different assets. Rather than underusing these assets, we plan to re-allocate them to other logistics services.