Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Do you search for a project cargo delivery throughout the world? We at GLS can assist you from concept to completion of your project. With our prime logistics locations in Europe, we can handle all logistics for any project.

Whatever your cargo or its size, we take care of storing, transhipping, and transporting it safely. We serve industries as diverse as maritime, water treatment, mining, and power generation. We offer quays for a variety of vessels at our terminals. Our services aim to meet the individual needs of all our customers.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing GLS For Project Cargo And Breakbulk Shipments?

  • Our project cargo expertise spans over 7 years
  • Competitive rates and award-winning service
  • Resources, people, and locations around the world
  • Visibility of cargo and rapid response to potential problems
  • State-of-the-art technology and transportation management tools

Bringing Value To Project Cargo

Project cargo sometimes needs to be repaired, tested, modified, or assembled before being sent to its final destination. Expertise in-house combined with modern facilities enable us to offer value-added logistics services across various industries. We offer many storage locations at our disposal following the completion of a project. Therefore, there is no need to invest in more warehouse and logistics staff. Furthermore, we can plan and arrange your cargo transport.

Never Stop Networking

Handling large shipments requires a collaborative approach and regular communication throughout the supply chain. We believe that long-term relationships are fundamental to GLS’ success. A global network of specialists provides forwarding, shipping, warehouses, customs clearance, and fiscal representation. Our strong relationships, coupled with our cutting-edge facilities and integrated communications, allow us to customize our services to meet your needs.

Conforming To Your Safety Standards

Managing project cargo is challenging. We ensure safety standards at all times. GLS always follows quality, safety, and security regulations at all times.


Oversized Cargoes – Customized Services

As a result of our extensive expertise, we can take care of all your logistics needs. We make individual plans for transportation from any point in the world.

  • Transportation Engineering

By collaborating with our engineering department, the technical information can be incorporated, enhanced, and enhanced.

  • Research On Routes

We identify any obstacles along the route by carefully inspecting them.

  • Door-To-Door Transportation

We provide door-to-door services that include all required steps and disciplines in transporting cargo.

  • Consultancy For Customs

Customs play a crucial role in the development of projects.

Our team provides support and advanced analysis of country-specific procedures, preventing them from impeding the project’s progress.

  • Chartering of Vessels

We have a long record of dealing with all types of owners on every continent and specialize in worldwide charters.

  • Transportation on Rivers

We specialize in transporting heavy cargo by water as an alternative to land transportation.

  • Overlaying Pedestals

Set up pedestals if necessary, for example, HRSG, SUPER MODULES, TRAFOS, GAS, AND STEAM.

What Makes GLS Project Cargo Services Different?

  • Commitment

Our team is transparent, committed, and eager to assist you. GLS offers the highest level of efficiency and assurance.

  • Team

To achieve your main objectives, we have a team of experts in project cargo logistics to help you.

  • Tranquility

Having the best travel companion at your side gives you peace of mind. Let us take charge of your project.